Brighton is an experienced leader in optimizing hotel operations, improving financial performance, and bringing hotel
projects to market.

Expertise Categories

  • Hotel Management & Operations
  • Commercial & Residential Property Management
  • Property Improvement Plans & Renovations
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Financial Controls
  • Ground-Up Construction


Brighton Management provides consulting expertise for prospective buyers seeking guidance on hotel and real estate investment opportunities. Allow Brighton’s Management’s 20+ years of acquisition expertise be a guiding tool in evaluating the profitability and financial success potential when selecting properties for investment.

For every potential acquisition, our leadership team closely examines all aspects of the property for sale, leaving no stone unturned when evaluating all potential outcomes of business performance. This procedure examines metrics such as a property’s capital budget, five-year operating projection reflecting anticipated profit levels, local market demographic, and necessary capital improvements.


Based on property-specific needs, Brighton Management can provide management support of existing staff or acquire total responsibility of the operations while the property is being prepared for sale.

The process begins by compiling a detailed history of the property & preparing a comprehensive analysis of its current operations and competitive position in the market. This phase sets the stage for developing and implementing the programs necessary to meet immediate operating improvement objectives and advancing the property to higher levels of market value.

Full knowledge of the property is necessary for correcting operating weaknesses and presenting the property in its most favorable manner to prospective buyers.

The firm also represents the seller in the brokerage community by providing operating information and buyer-required property knowledge. This supports the brokers who represent the sale of the property for the highest obtainable price.


Brighton works closely with owners at every step of property management to identify operations improvements and market potential for each property. Our team is experienced with implementing the highest level of management services to meet the improvement objectives set by the owners.

As proven across dozens of hotels, Brighton-optimized hotels have shown increases in service scores, profitability, and the overall market value of the property.

With each property, a strong marketing plan tailored to the specific consumer demographic and local marketplace. This emphasis on marketing to highlight the property’s strong suits repositions the properties to dominate their local market, as well as sets the stage for targeted sales strategy.


Brighton handles all aspects of real estate development including property appraisal, design, construction, budgeting, purchasing, financial optimization, and project finance. Our hands-on approach to property improvement allows greater quality control and financial efficiency in development projects, giving Brighton’s team a step above the competition.

Brighton’s Property Improvement Plan (PIP) Team has developed over a dozen hotels to bring the properties up to brand standard compliance. This involves working alongside hotel brands and certified contractors to meet all brand-approved specifications. The results of these renovations not only elevate the business performance of the hotels, but also significantly increase the overall property value of the hotels for potential sale in the future.